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Agent Spotlight | Stephen Jones | May 2019 Top Closer

Award: Top Closer – May 2019

Year(s) in Real Estate: Less than one

Previous Industry (one of many): Construction Equipment Sales and Management

Keys to Success in Real Estate: Trusting God has a plan for every customer and being obedient to that. Being part of a good team with great bosses, and constant hard work!

Why CrossView Realty: God-focused company with a team and growth mentality. Owners take a vested interest in agents and clients.

Advice for Sellers: Don’t take things personally! It may be a home you love and have been in for many years, but once the decision has been made to sell, you are preparing it for someone else. You need to prepare it so the next family can see themselves living there when they walk in the door.

Advice for Buyers: Know what you want before you start looking, and get pre-qualified! It’s a great rush to look at homes and dream great big dreams, but you don’t want to be spinning your wheels when looking at homes. Be able to articulate your wants and needs. That will make your home buying experience much more enjoyable.

With less than one year of experience under his belt, Stephen Jones has seen tremendous success in Real Estate. With a fervor for success, trust in God, and the support of his wife and family, Stephen has worked incredibly hard to be where he is today and earned Top closer in May 2019. We are so proud of the work Stephen has done and are excited to see all he will do in the future!


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