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Preparing Your Home for Sale

Have you decided to put your home on the market? It’s a great time to do so! The market is as hot as the Jacksonville weather, and buyers are active. Before you list your home, you may want to consider some of the below options to improve your curb appeal and your home’s impression on potential buyers.

  • Declutter and Clean

Now is the time to make your home the cleanest it’s ever been. Before allowing buyers into your home, you want to make sure it’s in tiptop shape. Ensure that all floors are swept and mopped or vacuumed, laundry is put away, chairs and couches are clean, and dust has been taken care of. This can include spot treating or completely cleaning carpets, dusting fans and mantelpieces, and cleaning baseboards. Air returns and vents are a dust catcher and should also be cleaned. Door knobs, walls, and corners should be examined for fingerprints, and any area where a pet may have left a mark should be taken care of as well. If the task seems too daunting or you are short on time, have a cleaning service come in for a deep clean.

Decluttering is also a top priority before you sell. The less clutter there is, the more your buyers will be able to see themselves living in, and maximizing on, the space available to them. Rooms should only have the furniture needed to make them functional – a couch and coffee table in the living room, a table and chairs in the dining room. Utilize your garage or rent a storage area to keep excess furniture. The goal is a clean, organized area. Clean out common areas where junk tends to accumulate, including closets, counter tops, and yes, the junk drawer. Before having any professional photos taken, and especially before your agent hosts an open house, remove or put away personal items. Do everything you can to help your buyers imagine themselves living in the home.

  • Consider Exterior Improvements

A shabby exterior may turn buyers away, as it can make the home look unkempt. Consider repainting to enliven the exterior, laying mulch in plant beds, or having trees and bushes trimmed. A fresh, bold coat of paint on a front door and trim will draw buyers in, and a few well-placed planters can add so much to a first impression. Make sure the lawn is cut and edged and that there are no weeds in plant beds. If the driveway and sidewalk are dirty, have them professional pressure-washed.

  • Consider Interior Improvements

The key to selling is to view your home from the eye of a buyer who is making a pretty huge investment. While you may love your bright yellow hallway, a buyer may be discouraged by it and favor neutral colors. For the interior, consider the color palette. If your home has very bright or dark colors on the wall, especially in common areas like kitchens and living rooms, you may want to repaint the interior a neutral color. If you live in an older home with gold accents, consider trading out door knobs, stoppers, and treatments for a brushed nickel. You will immediately update the look of the home without overspending. Small purchases like air fresheners can go a long way as well – just make sure the fragrances is fresh and not overpowering.

  • Find a Great Realtor!

No matter how many home improvements you make, you are selling yourself short (literally!) if you don’t find the right Realtor. Do your research, ask questions, and talk to multiple Realtors before you make a decision. The right Realtor will know the area, be able to help you price your home competitively, and give your home every advantage it can. They will have professional photos taken (no smartphone photos here), list your home on the Multiple Listing Service in your area, and market it effectively. Consider Realtors who offer 3D Virtual Tours and have a strong social media presence. Here at CrossView Realty, our agents do all of that and more!

CrossView Realty agents are ready to help you list your home today, and you can contact one here.

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